Common Themes:

Professional Development is a hot issue - hold teachers to high standards, is the hit and miss PD enough? Aren't we responsible to teach ALL teachers?

Outside computer use, what do we do when students are bringing their own laptops?
- We should have two networks, one locked down, one more open
- Use tools to keep network secure, but inform teachers and students what is monitored and what is not. Honesty.

Acceptable use policies

Wouldn't it be nice if there was sound legal advice from STF and Sasbo and SK Learning that helped school divisions their security policies? Some agree, some believe this was done before to a fear mongering end, but everyone agrees all stakeholders need to know what is what. Rule out rumors.

More and more schools are using podcasts etc. - teachers don't know the fastest ways to download and use some of these new videos etc on a site - again PD.

The "nature of the assignment" has to change. Teachers giving appropriate assignments is one of the only things that will encourage appropriate infusion of technology. Doing the same assignments with new technology isn't going to enhance student learning.

Overall, it's all about pedagogy, and we didn't solve any problems, but had some intriguing discussions trying.