Saskatchewan Rivers School Division and InTech host the 'Second Coming' of the Consultants Open Space Conference

(The following is the original conference held in April of 2007)

Prairie South School Division Curriculum Consultants

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invite you to

Consultants Open Space Conference 2006 (COSC)

Join us for a day of curriculum dialogue and action!

Restructured school divisions and calls to update practice create challenges that must be addressed in new ways. With this in mind, we will host an open space conference for curriculum superintendents, consultants and personnel to discuss and explore future curriculum possibilities. This is purely an experimental day borne out of discussions with a few consultants around the province. In many ways, this type of day is a microcosm of the life many of us are living in our newly restructured divisions. Even if you aren’t in an amalgamated division, there still may be some great conversations around curriculum and consulting that you wouldn’t want to miss!

What is an open space conference?

  • Agenda is controlled by the participants
  • Sessions are based on interest
  • Time is open to participants to decide how long to stay on a given topic
  • Participants are free to move to sessions as they see fit
  • Follow-up is expected

Sounds chaotic and a bit unorganized? Welcome to our lives! Goals:

  • collaboration
  • share common issues, concerns and responses
  • build network supports
  • share work to better serve students and teachers

You can learn more about the format at:

So here are the details of the Curriculum Open Space Conference:
  • When: Wednesday, April 12th 10:00-3:30

  • RSVP by March 13 to confirm your attendance at COSC Wednesday, April 12th
  • Where: Moose Jaw, SK 1075 9th Ave. NW


More details and directions
  • What: Open Discussion on implications, PD models and name it

  • Submit a short paragraph for each topic/interest you wish to pursue &/or share expertise on, by Monday, March 27th
  • Topics need not be restricted in any way.
  • We’ll gather all the topics and be sure that your issue is addressed/discussed
  • I will create a wiki page that you can add to, edit or view prior to the conference
  • Why: Because networking is key to Professional Development.

Come to Moose Jaw on April 12th ready for an interesting day of learning

Dynamic Agenda:

  1. IntroductionsGo around - participants intro & hopes for the day
  2. Format Overview
  3. Work time 80-90% of the day
  4. Wrap up
  5. Ensure that follow up has been addressed for topics

Any questions???? Email Dean at