Technology to Support Differentiated Learning

What does this mean to us?
  • A hot topic, but no real definition...but understand that it means that learners are unique and with technology we can address those needs and use it as a tool, just like any other manipulative or resource. Great for reaching different learning styles (auditory, hands on, ...)
  • Helps to support a multi-graded/abilities/skilled classroom
  • Technology to facilitate learning, allows the teacher to 'free up time' to spend more time helping individual learners and support their own instruction
  • "Embodies what the curriculumn should be about"

Hw and what does it look like?
  • Great for use in math, seems to be the easiest place to introduce it as well (baby steps)
  • We use it with SMARTBoards too where technology becomes invisible to the user
  • Once teachers "get it" they can see the value and application in other subjects and they use it...
  • It seems to start out of PD, and PLC communities then is brought into the school and classroom.
  • MENTORSHIP, someone needs to show you how, if you don't know you can't see the benefits or make changes.

What is stopping this? How can we make this change so it CAN happen?=
  • You MUST have resources and reliability in the infrastructure of the technology, this tends to be a building block. Lack of spaces (i.e. labs and scheduling conflicts for the limited resources)
  • Pods of computers can be very effective, and a good use of resources by using stations and open idea into availability.
  • Giving students access to resources at home, allowing students to learn in any environment even out of school time.

Implementaiton at secondary level
  • Secondary level present dome unique challenges for implementation of differentiaited learning because of content oriented instruction.
  • Introduction of teaher change in this aea seems to be more successful when the technolgy is introduced as an integral part of the curriculum. The days of teaching PowerPoint are probably limited even thought PwerPoint willbe an imporatnt part of intruction. Technolgy Consultants are likely to be more curirculum based
  • Smartboards were a subject of considerable discussion. The key to theri usefullness seems to be the degree that STUDENTS get to use the SamrtBoard as opposed to an LCD projection screen.
  • Special education students seem to show an affinity for touvching the SmartBoards and this may be an advantage.
  • Connectivity developemnt will lead us in new areas - table top computers nad IPhones may take us in new directions.
  • Schools tend to be very conservative in adopting these new technolgoies.
  • How can schools get more laptops into schools?
  • WordQ and SpeakQ are some recommended suggestions for speech capability. Readplease is a free download which will read text pasted into its text box.

Tech in Ed Report
  • Modifications suggested to the ETC govenrence structure intereseted at leasst some of the divisions in particpating more fully.