The Quick and Dirty

20,000 students
1300 teachers
2300 employees in schools
10 high schools, 50 elementary schools
Key issues: student learning, professional development/support, changing demographics and declining enrollment, building school-based leadership teams, aging infrastructure and teacher workforce, funding shortfalls

The Burning Questions

Suggested Issues/Topics for Conversation

How can ICT be used to design, “deliver” and evaluate effective programs of professional learning?

How to overcome the tendency of teachers and admin to view PD as perks, flavour of the month and top-down, sit-and-get, pull-out events?

Assessment literacy among teachers, how to foster and grow it?

Overcoming the tendency of educators to view assessment for learning as the "enemy"?

How to work with admin to prevent good ideas from becoming Flavours of the Month?

Building authentic PLCs—not housebroken, top-down or counterfeit versions?

ICT to support student learning?

Aboriginal education
Integrating (infusing) First Nations and Métis content and perspective into curricula and across curricula?
Anti-racist, multicultural (anti-oppressive) education for teachers and schools?

Ways of organizing consultant teams by purpose and function rather than curriculum subject areas—with the focus on student and teacher learning?

How do school systems address the increasing diversity of students?

How can urban and rural consultants support one another?

With the inclusion model for at-risk/high need students, what is the role of the LRT and how is his/her expertise helping to support classroom teachers and students?

In a rapidly changing technological society, what PD models and school/classroom settings are making a difference in student learning?

In what ways are teachers encouraged/supported to grow professionally in order to better meet the growing demands and diversity of the classroom?