The Quick and Dirty

Vision - "Leadership in Learning and Life"
Mission - "To inspire and empower one another"

There are just over 8,300 students in 48 schools in our newly amalgamated division.
We have a teaching staff in excess of 700 teachers.
Currently there are 6 curriculum consultants/coordinators working in Prairie Valley.

The Burning Questions

The Work and Life of Consultants/Coordinators

What are some options for service delivery over a large geographical area?
How have curriculum teams organized to support subject areas and grade levels (elementary,
middle and secondary)?
How do curriculum teams determine annual budgets?
How do curriculum teams collaborate to determine short and long term goals?
How often do curriculum teams meet?
How do we manage our work day hours?
How much after school or out of school time does your job entail and are you compensated in
any way?
What are best practices for communication between consultants/coordinators and superintendents?
How are consultants/coordinators supervised and evaluated?
What are the most effective communications methods to use with teachers, schools and
central office support staff (Speech pathologist, Ed. Psych, etc.)?
How can school divisions work together and support each other?

Curriculum Initiatives

What methods have been used to share AFL results with schools? How can we support
schools to make use of the data?
How do consultants/coordinators support the work of PLC’s?
How do we build capacity for leadership within schools (mentorship, leadership, catalyst
teacher programs)?
How do we support new teachers to the division?
What work has been done in developing authentic partnerships with First Nations?
What models have been developed for collaboration between curriculum and technology consultants/coordinators to enhance the effective integration of technology?