The Quick and Dirty

Good Spirit School Division - offices in Yorkton and Canora, 6200 students, 450 professional staff, 5 education superintendents - 3 area supts., 1 student services and 1 program development.

Because we are all internal incumbents, we are continuing with our former school divisions to the end of this school year and will begin the new organziation in July. This is providing a decent transition time, but it does mean we work our old jobs and pick up pieces of the new as required. And more and more is required.

In July, and picking up pieces now, my work is in program development including division wide program alignment and promotion, professional development, and new teacher orientation.

The Burning Questions

1. Curriculum
I worked as a curriculum coordinator out of the then Yorkton regional office (anybody remember the mid-80's?). This feels much the same. Implementing/actualizing curricula - ELA 6-9, Arts Ed K-5, Calculus 30, Science 10, Native Studies - do we use the same model? the teacher leader model? school-based inservice? division-wide inservice? other?

2. Assessment For Learning
How do we respond to our data?

3. CIF
I have lead responsibilities with the Continuous Improvement Framework. I'd like to have some discussion about how we approach this work recognizing there will be more discussion with provincial reps.